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Antory Group is an investment company providing a broad range of financial solutions for private business and public companies. We design, develop and deliver innovative and sustainable financial solutions for established and start-up companies that are the key players in their respective segments. Primarily, we focus on agriculture, food industry, services, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, media, FMCG, and finance sectors. We specialized in M&A and capital raising deals (private equity funding, private placement, IPO, international debts and corporate bonds placement). Also, a significant part of our activities take deals with corporate governance and corporate restructuring. This feature is a hallmark of our company, we always focus on long-term, systematic relationships with our clients, from preparing the company for investment through implementing investment programs and projects. Most of our clients have been using our services for years and are no longer customers,but partners. To enhance our strength, we have added in recent years to a full range of financial and investment services such and professional services as wealth management, tax planning, customer and account management.